Our Criteria

We are looking for owners who have been successfully developing their business in a sustainable and long-term manner, committed to keep it that way. Here are the criteria we consider crucial for a successful cooperation.


A financially sound company with a sustainably growing EBITDA.

  • Growing turnover of 3 million euros or more
  • EBITDA over EUR 1 million
  • EBITDA margin above 10%
  • Profitability and stable, positive cash flow over the past three years

Business factors

Typically a niche player in production or business services

  • A steady company in a growing market, based in Slovakia or Czechia
  • Relatively diverse and stable customer base with predictable turnover
  • Relative resilience to economic cycles in an unregulated industry
  • Low CAPEX requirements

Owners and employees

Entrepreneurs with the motivation to sell the company and ensure its further long-term development

  • Concentrated ownership structure and readiness to sell at least 70% share
  • Owners are willing to participate in a smooth transition period (length depending on business complexity)
  • Positive relationships with employees, partners and customers
  • Ethical approach to business