Our Offer

SMGO Capital offers a succession solution for small and medium-sized enterprises, in a traditional search fund model. Unlike other investors, such as Private Equity or competitors, we differ in the crucial points. In addition to liquidity and managerial talent, we offer global market access, full attention to one (your) company, and a network of international professionals. We only invest money with a clear origin.

One company, 100% attention, 100% of the time

After the acquisition, we will invest all our time and energy only into your business. It will not become just another company in the portfolio (Private Equity) or consumed by other business (strategic investors, i.e. competitors).

We will continue in your story

We choose the entrepreneurs whose story resonates with us. We choose the stories we would like to keep working on ourselves. We will not change core values, name, or employees. We will be personally present throughout the acquisition process, and after that we will meet you at the company’s headquarters, roll up our sleeves, sit next to you and begin soaking up your vision and day-to-day agenda.

We will bring a new wind to the sails

To accelerate the development of your business, we will not only bring our experience from top-tier international consulting firms , startups and investment companies, but also a broad international network of professionals that will enable us to move our shared vision to a new level. We always do business in an ethical and transparent spirit, with the aim of creating value for our environment and society.